If you choose to start something new, you actually have to DO something. You know, get up off the couch, go to the gym....it will take some effort. But if you are thinking about quitting a bad habit, that might be even MORE difficult. For example, I'm sure everyone is now aware that smoking is bad for you. And most smokers would like to quit. But look how many people are still smoking! It must be extremely hard to quit, that's why there are so many products for sale to help smokers quit: nicotine gum, vape, chantix.......So we all know quitting any habit is difficult. If you suffer with any form of chronic pain, you have probably had enough of it, and you have probably already tried to DO something about it. Many people who suffer with fibromyalgia have tried everything, and some have given up, They have tried acupuncture, drugs, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and on and on. The best result is usually temporary relief...with the possible side effect of addiction to some powerful pain pill. My suggestion, based on many years of trial and error in practice, is to wait up on DOING anything, and first consider STOPPING some habits that are causing your pain. After all, pain is not caused by a lack of medication. Pain is caused by inflammation. So if you see a medical doctor, she will usually prescribe an ANTI- inflammatory drug: Alleve, advil, aspirin, tylenol.....etc. But pain that never stops is due to ongoing inflammation that is CAUSED by specific PRO-inflammatory substances that you are swallowing on a regular basis: in foods, food additives, supplements, and medication. So the solution is not to take more anti-inflammatory drugs---the solution is to QUIT taking what is feeding your inflammation The human body is a well built organism and it will heal by itself----not with help from some miracle drug or supplement. The body will heal when the interference is removed.....Subtract, don't add. Quit, don't start. So this year, stop the addictive and poisonous substances that are causing your pain. Everyone is different, but the list of allergens and toxins that cause chronic pain-----and most other diseases----is a very short list. I'll give one to you for a Christmas present: The most powerful cause of pain is CHOCOLATE! MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!