Inflammation The solution to both forms of pain is to eliminate inflammation. Inflammation is a series of biochemical events in the body that are a reaction to injury, stress, or infection. The specific substances in inflammation stimulate nerve cells in the area that send a signal to the brain that is interpreted as pain. Inflammation is the first stage of healing. In regular pain, like a toe stub, inflammation proceeds to healing in a reasonable period of time---usually days and weeks. In chronic pain, inflammation persists. Conventional doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs (alleve, advil, ibuprofen, aspirin) and pain pills (vicodin, Norco, Percoset, Oxycontin). Anti-inflammatory drugs interfere with some of the chemical steps of inflammation, dumbing down the inflammation and the pain signal. They do not STOP inflammation. Chronic inflammation is caused by specific pro-inflammatory substances in foods, food additives, supplements, and medication. The solution to chronic inflammation is not to add more anti-inflammatory substances. The solution is to eliminate the pro-inflammatory substances that are feeding the inflammation, preventing it from proceeding to healing. If you consult a medical doctor for any condition, she will not tell you to "go take some pills." She will write down a list of very specific substances, taken at specific doses. The same is true of pro-inflammatory substances. The solution is not a vegan diet and all organic foods and loads of supplements. The solution is a specific list of substances that are feeding the inflammation. These substances are in foods, food additives, supplements, and medications. That list is usually very short, but will differ from patient to patient. But here's a teaser: The most powerful cause of pain is chocolate.